Eddy Street Elves Prepare for The Holiday Kickoff in Gardnerville

'Twas the week before the Holiday Kickoff and all through the house, the Eddy Street Elves were definitely stirring, in fact it was kind of a madhouse.

We have to get everything ready...Our company is coming at one...it must be perfect before we are done. 

What's that rumble?? Is the bus engine taking a tumble? We can't be late...It's a very important date...

Get out and push...Ready...set....mush!! 

It's up and running...We have to make this party stunning! Off to Eddy Street Vintage Market we go, after we load the presents and double check each bow... tie'em down tight... we have to make it just right. 

Bake the cookies but don't eat all the dough... the company is coming and we must have cookies for the show. 

Decorate the tree, make sure the ornaments are spaced perfectly...

...wait... what's going on down on the floor?

Don't peak in that present or you'll get thrown out the door.

Mom...The lights are supposed to go on the tree not on Scotty!. 

We've prepped, we've propped, we haven't stopped. This event is supposed to be one of the merriest there will ever be.

Join us on Saturday at 1pm and stay all day until the Light Parade comes our way! Have a cup of cheer and think about the great year! Visit with friends and check out decor trends. Eddy Street is the place to be...don't miss it because that would just be silly!