Managing Magazine Mania AKA Magazine Storage

If you are like me, browsing through magazines is one of your favorite things to do. I can't help but purchase some of the magaines that motivate me but I get a little twist in my tummy when I think about how many magazines I have at home already and where I am going to store all of them. 

Magazines over the years have definitely increased in price and most I like range from $10-$15 each! (Ouch) Here is what I have learned to do: 

For magazines that only have a couple of WOW ideas, I usually just take photos of the ideas I like with my phone and then return the magazine to the news stand. It's easy to scroll through the photos and the best part is no physical clutter!

But for those magazines that tug at your heartstrings that you can't live without, what are you supposed to do?? I took to Pinterest to find out what others are doing and here is what I found: 

There are some really unique DIY ideas out there for storing these periodicals. If you have the space, I thought the magazines on hangers on the wall was a clever idea. I would use old wooden hangers to keep with the theme. 

I also really liked the wire basket made into a rolling caddy. This could be great for storing so many things. 

I perused a few more ideas before deciding on what concept I would use in my home. I found the console table with the baskets underneath. I liked how it looked and felt it would fit nicely with the design in my living room.  I didn't want to use a traditional basket though so I found this awesome galvanized metal tub at Target. It was definitely spendy but it can also double as an ice chest for Summer BBQ's so I splurged.  (It's on sale right now which is great too!)

Once I made my purchase, I decided to go through all of my magazines and select what I wanted to keep. Then I  alphabetized them and put them in the container. They all fit perfectly and no more clutter!  Here are the pictures of it in my home. 

I'm loving it! What do you do with all of your magazines? Let us know. For more ideas about magazine storage, check out my Pinterest board.