5 Tips for Creating the most Spook-tacular Halloween Party EVER!

Halloween is one of our all-time favorite holidays at Eddy Street Vintage Market and we take decorating very seriously! There are some basic elements we include that make it a SPOOK-TACULAR event each year. Here is our guide for you:

1. Set the Tone of the Party


Pandora radio has a "Halloween Party" station that is sure to make all of the ghosts and goblins tap a toe! Make sure to start the radio station before the party. Hint: If you hear a song you like, click the thumbs up button and Pandora will begin to cater their music selections towards songs you have liked. 

2. Tastes Soo Good it's Scary

There are a ton of great Halloween themed snacks out there that range in difficulty. Witches' Brooms are super easy and make all the witches go "Awwww". It's simple, take a Reese's peanut butter cup and flip it upside down and then put a pretzel stick in the center of the peanut butter cup and HOCUS POCUS  you have a cute little witch's broom.  Then you have Dracula Dentures, Monster Eyeballs and a Popcorn mix that you can't stay away from. For all of our favorite recipes click the link to our Halloween Pinterest Page.


3. Gather Your Friends and Set the Scene

It's tradition to watch Hocus Pocus during the Halloween season. I remember watching it when I was little with my Grandma Betty and thinking it was such a scary movie. Needless to say, I don't think it's nearly as frightful anymore instead it's festive. Some of the other great Halloween movies for all ages include: The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride, Harry Potter, and Young Frankenstein. Plus, what's more fun than getting together and watching a movie. ANNNNNND.... You could make the delicious popcorn mentioned above. 

4. Set a Killer Table

For Halloween, imperfect is perfect! Grab a candleabra and add some crooked candles...Get the cobwebs and spiders out to0! Need a festive runner? Grab some spooky fabric and run it along the center of the table. 

5. Always Add an Element of Surprise

It's a Halloween party after all so it's important to keep people on their toes and make it a little spooky! Add motion activated decor so that when your guests enter the room it automatically goes off without you having to lift a finger. Shopping tip: Target, CVS and Walgreens had a lot of great animated decor this year. 

Hope your Halloween party is spellbinding! Subscribe to our blog for more tips and tricks for entertaining and home decorating.