A Home for Evelyn

The power of social media is pretty amazing sometimes, especially when it comes to getting a group of people to come together for the greater good. A couple of weeks ago, I was tagged in a GoFundMe story by a friend of mine. It was about a sweet little lady named Evelyn, who at 79-years-old, lost her sweetheart and is now faced with moving to a new place, and starting her life over. She has very few personal belongings and really no family or friends to speak of. Luckily for her, while grabbing a bite to eat, Sean Lee came into her life and decided to help! Sean started the GoFundMe page to seek donations of furniture, funds, etc to help Ms. Evelyn with starting over. The story was shared over 300 times and that is how my involvement in this fundraiser started!

You can see the original story here: 

Sean has taken the lead and spent a number of hours visiting with Ms. Evelyn, listening to her stories and assisting her with finding a new place to live. After much research, he found Vintage Hills in Northwest Reno.

Since we help make houses into homes on a daily basis,  I told Sean that we would be willing to coordinate the furniture donations and use what was donated to create a lovely home for Ms. Evelyn. 

We need your help... Right now we are seeking donations of new or gently used goods to furnish Ms. Evelyn's place. Here is a list of the items we are looking for:


Full-size bed frame

Full mattress (new)

Small matching nightstands (2)

Small matching lamps (2)

Full size mattress pad (new)

Full size sheets (new)

Standard pillows (2)

Full/Queen Comforter

Full/Queen Blanket




Bathroom rugs (preferably blue)

Soap dispenser

Non-slip tub mat

Toilet paper

Living Room:

Loveseat or small couch

Matching end tables (2)

Floor Lamp

Matching lamps (2)

Small coffee table

Small TV stand

Small flat screen TV

Dining Room:

Small round table with 2-4 chairs


Small countertop microwave

Dishes (4-6)

Silverware set for 4-6


Drawer organizers

Kitchen towels

Small set of pots and pans

General Supplies:

Cleaning supplies

Paper towels

Toilet paper


Trash bags

Food Supplies: 


Non-perishable food

Senior Assistance Items:


Reach Assist Items

Bathroom Grips

Other Donations Accepted:

Monetary donations through GoFundMe account for an emergency fund



Dinner certificate

Meal prep service

Whole Foods Gift Cards (She likes the salad bar there)

Floral arrangement with her favorite flowers

If you are interested in donating and you are in the Gardnerville area, you can drop items off at Eddy Street Vintage Market this weekend. If you are in the Reno area and you would like to donate, we currently have drop offs scheduled for Thursday, June 23rd from 10am-5pm at a warehouse near the airport or if you need items picked up, that can be arranged. Please contact me at 775-230-1101. 

Schedule of Events: 

Friday, June 24th, the Eddy Street Crew will be staging Ms. Evelyn's new apartment with the donated items.

Saturday, June 25th: we will be hosting an open market for the residents of Vintage Hills to come and pick from the surplus of donated items and supplies. Free haircuts will be offered for seniors as well that day.

Sunday, June 26th will be moving day for Ms. Evelyn and the big reveal of her new place. If you are interested in donating, please send a picture of the items you are willing to donate either via text to 775-230-1101 or email at eddystreetvintagemarket@gmail.com

Items donated but not used in Ms. Evelyn's place will be donated to other seniors in need and/or the Salvation Army in Reno and the Care Chest. 

Other ways you can help: 

We are seeking volunteers to assist with the public market, moving Ms. Evelyn out of her existing apartment, cleaning, etc. 

Please contact me with any questions you have regarding volunteering or donating goods or services. Every little bit helps. Together we can make a big difference in this sweet little lady's life!

A Beginner's Guide to Milwaukee: Part 1

So Milwaukee, WI is a pretty awesome place that I had no idea about prior to attending the National Main Street Conference. Back on the west coast, when I mentioned I was traveling to Milwaukee, no one seemed particularly excited about the destination. I have no idea why because Milwaukee has it going on and the word needs to get out! Here are 5 spots I totally recommend if you are visiting "The Good Land": 

1. The Coffee Scene: So many local coffee companies to choose from, you probably won't set foot in a Starbucks while you are here. Anodyne, Collectivo and Stone Creek Coffee are completely necessary stops to get your caffeine fix. There are multiple locations to choose from so it's easy to find. 

2. If you need to burn off some of your energy from your Honey Bee Latte at Anodyne, there are a number of hip neighborhoods to walk through including Historic Third Ward, Old 3rd Street and if you are up for a longer walk, check out the Hank Aaron State Trail or Oak Leaf Trail featuring scenic views of Lake Michigan and the Milwaukee skyline.

Must See Places:

 Inspired (Third Ward): A unique home decor store with an appreciation of the past and a flare for the future of home decor. 

Uber Tap Room and Cheese Bar (Historic Third Ward): A fun restaurant and bar featuring delicious cheese, Milwaukee Beer and the most amazing Giant Pretzel Ever!

Milwaukee Art Museum: (Between the Hank Aaron State Trail and the Oak Leaf Trail): The building itself is a piece of art with a moveable suncreen that unfolds and folds it's 217-foot wingspan, twice daily. 

3. After your walk, re-fuel at the Milwaukee Public Market located on Water Street. This indoor market is a  "Gathering place where great taste is always in season." The market features 18 different vendors ranging from restaurants to retail stores and more. It's a place built to appeal to the masses since there is something for everyone underneath one roof. Be sure to try a Brookie Cookie from C. Adam's Bakery for a piece of chocolately heaven.  

4. When you are ready for a unique adventure head over to Safe House Restaurant, if you can find it. Hint: It's located on Front Street. It's a 1960s style, spy-themed restaurant, filled with authentic memorabilia. Yes, you will have to know the secret password to gain access. Can't find the password, that's OK, you'll just need to pass a few tests to prove your worthiness. Even if you just go for a drink, it's worth the experience. 

5. Last but not least, you have to take a picture with "The Bronze Fonz". Standing a mighty 5'6" tall, The Bronz Fonz receives his fair share of love. Happy Days are sure to be ahead if you check this Milwaukee tradition off your list.  

Moral of the story, Main Street Programs can make places awesome! I am so happy to have discovered this awesome place. I came to Milwaukee not knowing a thing about it and I'm leaving a huge fan! I'll be seeing you again Milwaukee and I can't wait to get to know you even better!


Meredith from Nevada 





The House on Huffaker

It's pretty rare to find a house in the middle of the city that sits on almost 3-acres. Well the house located at 1155 W Huffaker Lane is just that. A private oasis surrounds the property with lush landscaping, a courtyard with a tranquil pond to relax by, and expansive views from large picture windows throughout the property. Sounds like a dream right? Take a look at how we helped this property polish up and showcase its true beauty.

Living Room after Staging

Living Room after Staging

This isn't always how the living room at the Huffaker House looked... Normally when I go into a house, I'm prepared to ask the owners to move furniture out but in this case, we actually had to bring furniture in to make this house feel more like a home. When we first arrived, the only furniture in the extra large living room was a couch, end tables and a media cabinet

Huffaker Living Room Before

Huffaker Living Room Before

Often times, people are concerned that if they put furniture in a room that it will look small. This is a common myth. In fact, when you add furniture the room can actually look larger. The sectional couch was removed along with the granite end tables and the media console. We then had a blank slate to work with. The artwork to the left in the picture, was an awesome piece so we kept that in the same spot. 

Living Room After

Living Room After

Living Room After

Living Room After

Immediately off of the living room was the dining room area. Again, there really wasn't much in this room except for a few miscellaneous items and an oversize mirror that we utilized in the final plan. 

Dining Room Before

Dining Room Before

I recently read a statistic from the National Association of Realtors that said 81% of buyers are more likely to visualize a space as their home when it's staged and that staging can increase a homes value by 1% to 5%. 

Dining Room After

Dining Room After

The living room and dining room were our main areas of focus in this case however, when we do the custom consultations we provide a homework list to the homeowners that gives recommendations for each room in the house. 

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Before

With regards to the kitchen, there wasn't much to change here. The  barstools were removed to make the room feel more spacious and the countertops were cleaned off. 

Kitchen After

Kitchen After

Breakfast Nook Before

Breakfast Nook Before

We also changed a few things in the breakfast nook including switching out the artwork with an oversized clock and repositioning the table. 

Breakfast Nook After

Breakfast Nook After

Clutter control is another aspect that we discuss in the staging proposal. When you list a house that means you are preparing for your next step. The more you pack up initially, the better it is all around. The items in the office at the Huffaker house needed to be reduced.

Office Before

Office Before

The majority of the books were packed up and the remaining placed to add a little style to the shelves. We also moved the picture of the dog into the office, removed one of the office chairs and a small bookcase. 

Office After

Office After

Last, but definitely not least, we tackled the outside. The front door is not your traditional front door so to keep it from getting lost, we added two arbor vitae trees in decorative pots, a small seating area and an oversized decorative metal piece to break up the wall. The planters were finished with bark completing the look. All in all, a few additions made it much more inviting. 

Front Door Before

Front Door Before

Front Door After

Front Door After

We only staged a few areas in this home featured in this post. If you would like to see the full property, copy and paste the link below for additional photos.


Or for more information, contact The Hays-King Team

Mike Hays and Shaina King Team® Keller Williams Group One, Inc.

Phone: (775) 453-4625

Email: BuyOrSellWithUs@gmail.com

Website: www.PrimeRenoRealEstate.com

Address: 10539 Professional Circle #100 Reno, NV 89521

Life Just Outside the City Limits

Staging Stories: Reno, Nevada

It's amazing what you find when you drive 10 minutes outside of the city limits in any direction. In this case, my path took me 10 minutes west on I-80 and what I found was completely unexpected and perfectly delightful! Let me introduce you to this lovely log cabin located at 2615 Erminia Road. 

This house captured everyones' attention when I first posted this picture. Like me, from the exterior, you are probably anticipating traditional cabin flare. Upon entering, all I could say was "Oh Wow!" It was an unexpected twist but completely refreshing. Boasting over 3,100 sq.ft on 2.25 acres, this place is worth taking a look at. WARNING: You're probably going to fall in love with it!

When I do my initial consultations, often times people are in the middle of packing, consolidating and cleaning. I always snap photos when I go, which provides great "before" photos. It also allows me to look back at the space as I am developing my staging plan and making notes of things to change, eliminate or bring in. 

Before photo of the living room from the dining room.

Before photo of the living room from the dining room.

The way the furniture layout was originally didn't give these rooms the best flow. Upon entering the house, you looked immediately at the back of the couch, which blocked entry into the living room and distracted from one of the best features of the house.

Initial living room configuration with the couch blocking entry into the living room and disrupting the flow.

Initial living room configuration with the couch blocking entry into the living room and disrupting the flow.

In this case, we rearranged it to allow for better flow. The owner's sectional couch was awesome because it was convertible. We removed the curved piece and streamlined the room. This allowed you to walk directly into the room and take full advantage the amazing wall of windows and the view.  The floral artwork was also removed. Checkout the after photos below:

We focused on the key areas of the home so after the living room, we tackled the master suite. This room didn't have any furniture from the owners so we provided it. Adding furniture makes it much easier for potential buyers to visualize themselves making a space their home. 

I really wanted to blend the two styles of the house: the really rustic exterior and more elegant interior so we brought in a statement bed with unique lines and added some beautiful bedding to soften the space. A matching dresser was added along with nightstands, lamps and a few decorative accessories. Lastly, we added an oversized chair because what is a master suite without a reading nook. 

We added decorative accessories and furnishing to a few more areas in the home including the entry, dining room and kitchen. 

One of the best features of this property? The stunning views from almost every room. 

I know what you are thinking... you are ready to move in! Well if you would like more information on the property contact Jen Colley with Keller Williams Group One. You can also take a virtual tour  by clicking the link below: