And that's a wrap! Our first year in business is complete. Here's the recap!

The difference a year makes: 365 days ago a lot was going on! I changed jobs and moved from an established company to a startup, I was selling off my antique inventory, moving out of my space in the antique mall and without knowing it, starting my own business. When the startup failed, my back up plan was already in full swing. Reflecting back on the last year, I'm excited about how far Eddy Street Vintage Market has come and there is no doubt in my mind it's because of you. Growing up here, leaving for college and coming back, I realize how great our small community is. You have helped spread the word by coming to each sale, bringing a friend, referring a friend, and in the process becoming our friend.  Each person who walks through our door helps us continue to bring you the "Eddy Street Production" each month.  To commemorate the last year, let's take a stroll down memory lane. Here are the highlights from each sale!

Year 1 was a blast and I'm looking forward to all that Year 2 has to offer: the opportunity to meet new friends, bring you even better vintage treasures, the possibility of an antique fair Eddy Street Style, the introduction of the Eddy Street Express and I'm sure a few surprises along the way. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us! Cheers!

Spring Living Room Makeover

Each season I get an itch to change up the decor in my house. There is something about moving my furniture and adding new pieces to make it feel like a completely new space.

I love looking at Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs and Restoration Hardware for inspiration but I don't really care for the amount it would cost me to makeover my living room using their stuff. You can create the look (for significantly less) with a little bit of research, creativity, paint and determination.

So here is a tour of my Spring Living Room Makeover! I forgot to take before pictures (a common problem I have). I will be sure to remember for next season's make over. 

My living room is a long and narrow shape. One of the hardest spaces to decorate in my opinion. We have an entry table to the left of our front door that serves as a catch-all for our keys which live in this adorable little trophy from 1933 I came across on one of my treasure hunts.

I love using salvaged elements. I have several chippy white doors as decor around my house. Two smaller doors sit behind the entry table along with a beautiful piece of tin ceiling, a stack of vintage books and an Essence of Peppermint bottle with dried roses that have a hint of pink. 

I just received the latest Ballard catalog and I am loving some of their cabinetry, especially these grey and white pieces.

And even though items are currently 15% off... You are still looking at over $1000 for each piece! (My wallet hurts) So I decided to go about it my own way. 

I found two matching cabinets with beveled glass doors, lights, and covered storage on bottom (JACKPOT!). The structure was great, they were solid wood and they weren't  $3000. They weren't the color I wanted but I knew I could fix that. Yes, it was Super Bowl Sunday but Derek was willing to go with me to pick them up. What a guy!


I had the vision for them. So we sanded both and painted them. Knowing we had a looming deadline for game time, I may have sanded a little faster. The chosen color is called Brook Trout. It's a grey color with a hint of brown. Wanting to highlight whatever items I stored in the cabinets, I decided to paint the inside white...Swiss coffee to be exact. I changed the hardware from a mismatched wood knob to a rectangular antiqued brass knob. 


I'm a sucker for symmetry so these cabinets became the perfect frame for my fireplace. Inside I decided to showcase some of my favorite vintage luggage, a few art pieces, an ampersand and a figurine. Boy am I happy with the end result.